Webinar: SDG 12

Companies have rapidly adopted flexible production methods, made of combinations of specialization, outsourcing and contracting with multiple suppliers, thus leading to the creation of global value chains.

On the other hand, consumers are changing their attitude and behaviours towards more sustainable-oriented practices.

Therefore, the focus of the webinar was to investigate under which conditions stakeholders (i.e., companies, organizations, customers) everywhere (along global value chains) have the relevant information and awareness for sustainable development and lifestyles in harmony and social inclusion with a sustainable consumption of natural resources.

Third webinar in the project was organized by LUM University. The webinar was scheduled for May 22nd 2018 and its topic was Responsible consumption and production. Considering that every partner in the sociSDG project is focusing on one SDG, LUM University is responsible for SDG12. The webinar provided information about measuring social impact of companies in regard to SDG12 and their integration in the business models. The webinar also explored new sources of competitive advantage in a global economy. Speakers in the webinar were:

  • Wayne Visser, PhD, Professor of Integrated Value and Holder of the Chair in Sustainable Transformation, Antwerp Management School
  • Gianpiero Menza, PhD, Private Sector Engagement Coordinator, Bioversity International – The World Agrobiodiversity Research and Innovation Center

The discussion was moderated by Angelo Russo, PhD, Professor of Management and Director of the PhD Program in The Economics and Management of Natural Resources at LUM Jean Monnet University.