Xwhy (Lithuania)

In the sociSDG project, Xwhy (ex. Homo Eminens) will focus on the SDG3: GOOD HEALTH AND WELL-BEING.

Xwhy is a strategy and innovation advisory group that reveals valuable insights through understanding people and indicates the right link between status quo and new possibilities. Xwhy provide qualitative research for sustainable development and consulting companies, institutions and organisations in fields of sharing/access economy, sustainable urban mobility, social business and entrepreneurship, higher education, community building, energy, cultural management and others.

Xwhy's team consists of devoted experts from philosophy, psychology, art, economics, business ethnography, anthropology and communication with a multicultural experience that allows solving problems in a new way.

In everyday business environment rational logic is often opposed to the holistic approach, and econometric estimates become more important than the understanding of client’s needs. Xwhy believes that pure statistics and calculations are not enough for sustainable development and puts the focus back on people and their needs. Xwhy specializes in cases with a high degree of uncertainty where traditional models appear to be ineffective: revealing unmet customer needs, understanding unfamiliar culture, matching product with clients’ actual needs, or finding a way into a new market. Hence the development of qualitative methods of problem solving that enable organizations to match innovation with customers’ needs and/or accordingly reshape existing strategy and tactics. In order to provide the best possible solutions, Xwhy is not limiting their services to research only but guide and consult clients regarding practical application of business and social insights.

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